Skip Art…

Throughout this month I have added poems to my pictures and, even I, enjoyed this one. As I have now uploaded daily for over 3000 days in a row I may struggle to create poetry to add each day 😀

Since Lockdown One began last year, there’s been builders either side
The sound of drills just penetrates with nowhere we can hide
Looking to be positive and just before we flip
I take a look to see if there are treasures in the skip
With recycling such a buzzword, heard each and every day
I acted quick to see this large board thrown away
In the skip this MDF seemed much to good to me
So I thought I’d do a painting of the classic Slapton Ley
I’d often thought I’d capture this, a view from way up high
And the fact the board is sized so big I could add a stormy sky
Excited by the finished art, its up for all to view
If I go back and check the skip , there’s bound to be a queue… socially distanced of course

My Words ©.

Published by Keith Tunnicliffe

Linocut Artist

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