A collection of my Pictures, Paintings & Poetry… © Keith Tunnicliffe

Am I falling out with football, a game I used to love
Where as a lad I’d climb the stands to watch it from above.
To see lads that I grew up with go from strength to strength
To follow local football we’d go to any length.

What’s happening now is sad to see, to me it’s such a shame
So big up to the Non-League lads who love to play the game.
Week in week out their love is clear, playing as a team
To get a chance to move on up will always be the dream.

Volunteers and helpers are the salt of every club
With the fans relentless banter pouring from the pub.
My thoughts are we should get back to the passion we all know
So keep it local, watch your team, and watch the grass roots grow!

Surviving Anderson Shelter

Tales to tell throughout my years, air raid shelter lots of tears
Covered in earth, covered in rust, on an allotment I’m a must
Look at me now, the history I’ve had
Passers by just look so sad
Save me now from this neglect
I’m Anderson … show respect!

Northern Sole…

I am allowed to publish this as ‘eh up’ I have Northern roots! #iPhoneSketch #digitalart

Reet lad na’ then what’s the matter
I said down South they don’t do batter
Lemon Sole, grilled no fat
T’owd them I’m not ‘aving that
Walked out pal, feeling vexed
Back up North’s where I’m off next
Curry Sauce, loads of Chips
Last time I do Southern trips!

Summer Nights…

Summer nights are on on their way but still you’ll see these glow
Adding colour to the sky they’re shining in a row
Reflecting on the art glass and lighting up the night
It makes our evenings magical to see this wondrous sight

Skip Art…

Since Lockdown One began last year, there’s been builders either side
The sound of drills just penetrates with nowhere we can hide
Looking to be positive and just before we flip
I take a look to see if there are treasures in the skip
With recycling such a buzzword, heard each and every day
I acted quick to see this large board thrown away
In the skip this MDF seemed much to good to me
So I thought I’d do a painting of the classic Slapton Ley
I’d often thought I’d capture this, a view from way up high
And the fact the board is sized so big I could add a stormy sky
Excited by the finished art, its up for all to view
If I go back and check the skip , there’s bound to be a queue… socially distanced of course

Brothers in Arms…

Grey head, brown back, white eye stripe
I can see when people spot you, why there’s always so much hype
The same is true for you my friend, with your jet black body suit
With your yellow legs so striking I can tell your not a Coot
But we love them on the riverside along with all the others
A family of wildlife birds… a wildlife Band of Brothers

White Swan, Black Swan, Heron…

There’s a poem down in Brentford that mentions all the pubs
A joyful celebration of the early social hubs
It’s a mix that we’ve been missing, raising glasses, saying cheers
Soon be off to Thameside Brewery sampling lovely beers
It sits upon the river’s edge with views both up and down
Live Music, Ales and characters will help you lose that frown
White Swan, Black Swan, Heron and a choice of many more
Means heading in for one Pint could end up as Four

Swallows in our Garden…

There are Swallows in our garden so Summer’s on its way
But they’re rusty and not real I hear the doubters say
Well to us they’re pretty perfect and very much alive
Swooping and now swaying ‘til the real ones arrive
We think they’ve got a nest because we often see them fly
But then we hear a little voice … ‘I’d like to see them try’

Can I join you?

Listening to his birdsong, singing loud and proud
He landed right besides us and chirped … is three a crowd
We love this little hero as he lifts our spirits high
He cocks his head, sings his song then heads off to the sky

Grayson’s Art Club…

Are you watching Grayson’s Art Club it’s a lockdown shining light
Wondering what to enter keeps you wide awake at night
Creativity and colour is what you get to see
With inspiration fired for all including me
So out with paints and brushes and craft materials too
And show the world that lockdown brings the artist out in you! 

Hole in the Sky…

There’s a hole in the Sky where the sun peeps through
Surrounded by the grey that piercing shaft of blue
After Winter’s sorry tale of dismal cold and rain
We’ll be looking for the sun to shine and bring some warmth again

In search of beer…

Not sure what I’m doing here
Set off last March in search of beer
Lockdown came and pumps ran dry
Now I’m lost I want to cry
It’s grim my world without my ale
Still lost some weight so not all fail…

Losing my Marbles…

Not really but it made me think the meaning of these words
When I saw this outdoor artwork and I heard the singing birds
This capture though a while ago will still be standing strong
And the birds will still be singing their tuneful little song

Being a Tree

As a structure I stand tall and firm, as an art form I’m supreme
In nature growing everywhere, my beauty can be seen
I’m important to the birds and bees, essential to the air
Protect me now, look after me and show me that you care

The Jackdaw

I’m not a small black crow I’m a Jackdaw taking rest
I hate it when I hear some say they think I am a pest
I nest in chimneys, rocks and trees and you may hear my ‘tchack’
As I call to other Jackdaws near and hear as they call back
Often noticed by my striking head a solid black with grey
You can chase me off a thousand times but I’ll never move away

In search of beer…

Not sure what I’m doing here
Set off last March in search of beer
Lockdown came and pumps ran dry
Now I’m lost I want to cry
It’s grim my world without my ale
Still lost some weight so not all fail

Into the Blue

I love to swim I love to dive
The sea’s the reason I’m alive
Into the blue is where I go
Sometimes fast but often slow
The thrill is what I can’t explain
Though each day I go back again …

Artwork available at https://larkstudios.co.uk/gallery/

These Wings

These wings are wings so soft and light
They keep me safe when I take flight
A sculpture proud as you can see
I’m weightless when I want to be
Then off I’ll rise towards the sky
Just like an angel soaring high
I’ll catch the light then disappear
Remember though I’m always near

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