A collection of my Pictures, Paintings & Poetry… © Keith Tunnicliffe

Poem a Day in May!

Listen to the Bird Song at the start of every day
Each is very special in its own amazing way.
Singing high above the trees to drown out urban noise
Bringing nature’s happy sound to all the girls and boys.

After such a wild and windy night it’s just nice to see the sun
We’ve lost our bench and garden chairs not our idea of fun.
They’ve blown into the river moving swiftly out of sight
But we smile at our Wisteria in the early morning light!

The movement of the Ocean bring many thoughts in Art
Swimming through the waters as the waves begin to part.
The feel of chill, the tidal pull, to see the sky above
Our Rivers, Lakes and Coastline… an inspirational love.

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
And she’s buying a stairway to heaven…
But it makes me wonder, ‘cause each time we pass by
And see this staircase to the sky, what once had two floors may soon be seven…
And it makes me wonder!

We are Swimmers by the River as it flows towards the Sea
Once removed but now returned to the place that they should be.
Loved by all on a Thames Path stroll, whichever way they go
Repair the pipes, switch on the taps … let’s see the waters flow!

How beautiful is England as the colours start to show
Azaleas looking gorgeous as the waters ‘neath them flow
Trees reaching in the distance as they try to touch the sky
The bird song so rewarding as we slowly stroll on by…

Dyers, Vintners, Swans are seen Skiffs and Markers of the Queen
Rounded up, caught and sorted, ownership has now been noted.
Historic pageant, vibrant scene from Sunbury Lock they row upstream.
The Thames has much for all to see though this one is the best for me!

From a single leaf two years ago, we’ve smiled as we have watched this grow
What once we thought was lost and gone, this Flowering Jasmine marches on.
Don’t lose heart, the moral here, as nature has a way to cheer.
Enjoy your garden, always smile, your plants will go that extra mile.

We are just a swathe of Bluebells but we always catch the eye
We watch the smiles appearing on every passer by.
We’re Violet Blue and bell shaped, a sign that Spring is here
But our biggest fans are Fairies, when we’re picked they shed a tear.

We watch our Swallows, never tire, as they swoop by on their wire.
Sometimes flying way up high, sometimes low as we walk by.
To watch them when a strong wind blows
Are they real ones? No one knows!

Constantly turning the eggs I have laid
Ensuring my little ones grow and don’t fade
My nest’s in a good place, no danger for me
If a fox passes by I’m as safe as can be
When hatched come and see me… and my little ones
And watch as they grow into beautiful Swans

As we surface from this lockdown you simply realise
How much you’ve missed the kiddies and the sparkle in their eyes
The tricks they’ve leant in COVID times, how much they bring you joy
So here we have our little Sid that topsy turvy boy!

Below the ground my roots spread out to many metres wide
While up above my canopy I show off, full of pride
Each of us are different, wherever we may grow
We plan to stay for many years before you see us go!

As the light fades and day turns to night to see the Spring tide is a magical sight
Then the waves crash as the seas rise and danger unfolds before our eyes
Nature itself is a powerful force and man always struggles to alter its course
So when storms are increasing and Easterlies blow
There are areas of coastline you just shouldn’t go.

It takes very little to bring on a smile
Sometimes just stop and pause for a while.
Take a look at the flowers and the birds as they sing
And simply enjoy all that nature can bring.

Do you ever see a footpath sign and wonder should I follow
Does it work it’s way up hill or down into a hollow
We have to keep the pathways clear, it’s a simple Ramblers right
No matter if your morning walk ends up late at night!

Each walk we do is different, which way we go we choose
Every twist and turn we take are memories we don’t lose
Meadows, hillsides, valleys, woods, amazing sunny skies
The pics we place on here today, the camera never lies.

They strive to stay open, a wonderful sight
As the clouds start to gather and day turns to night
But these ‘Snow in Summer’ are a joy to the eye
Their pretty white faces look up to the sky
It’s a flower I love as they just grow and grow
Defying the wind that continues to blow.
It’s growing on rocks looking out to the sea
And with views such as this it’s as happy as me.

The Coastguard Cottages standing proud, the bright sun hides behind a cloud
Reflections on the restless sea, a view to love, don’t you agree?
The clouds will move across the bay to light the sky that once was grey
As more clouds gather thick and vast, the view we see is changing fast.

Did someone say it’s going to rain, better get under the tree again
If the sun comes out we’ll have some fun, us young calves just need to run
It’s not much fun here in the rain
Fields are getting soaked again
So come on clouds just go away
So we can all go out to play.

They’re a pleasure to paint the colours you love, the sea to the front the blue skies above
The seaside is a favourite place, the kettle is on and the deck chairs in place
The beers are on ice, favourite books on the rack, all we need now is the sun coming back!

Couldn’t wait this one to start, in linocut, my favourite Art
These Maunsell Forts stand out to sea, what I create, you’ll shortly see
Four prints, mixed colours, original all
Hope they look good framed up on a wall

Over the Moor in the Wind and Hail, over the Moor in the Rain
Over the moor in the Mist and Cloud then I come back again
Over the Moor at the Start of the Day, then over the Moor at Noon
Over the Moor as the Night sets in, under the light of the Moon
Over the Moor in the Midnight hour, you can almost hear the Hounds Bark
Whenever you venture over the Moor, you should always be back before Dark.

Here’s a glance at my latest art
Still unfinished, created in part
You have to wait for the inks to dry
Almost like watching the rain in the sky
Hopefully as the clouds move away
A little more ink will be added today

You don’t always need a filter when you take a photo of the Coast
The Sky, the Sea the Breakwater give you what you need the most
The Dark Skies moving quickly as the Rain begins to fall
Casting shadows on the water as it hits the Harbour Wall
The Boats are bobbing in the Bay, the Seagulls having fun
The Rooftops of the Headland Road catch that little bit of Sun

Massive metal structures standing proud as proud can be
Seven huge historic Towers where the River meets the Sea
Decommissioned in the Fifties and weathering the tide
Despite the force of Nature, they’ll never ever hide
These Fortified Forts, significant, throughout the country’s fears
Should be saved and kept for all to see for many many years …

Stay still, be quiet and listen as in a little while
There’s something in the reed beds that’s sure to make you smile
Nature has a lovely way of giving a surprise
So stop, look and listen, as the birdsong never lies
Whether Robin, Blackbird, Coot or Thrush they sing out loud and long
It’s hard to tell each one apart, each different little song
Loud and rapid, short and shrill they vary as they sing
But they always bring us lots of joy and welcome in the Spring

Today we went to Delamore, feeling lockdown free
A host of wondrous artworks a feast for us to see
Sculptures, glassware, paintings so many catch the eye
Creative works from artists, on view for passers by
I’ve chosen four and pictured here for you to take a look
If you want to see these lovely works … just go online and book

The flagship Queen Victoria anchored in the bay
Testing engines, sounding horns before it sails away
Our shores have seen these resting ships, Pandemic on the seas
Viewed longer than we all would know through coastal mist and breeze
We wish them well when they set sail, the Captain and the crew
This ship a wonder of the waves is off into the Blue

As No Mow May and Poem a Day are coming to an end
There’s a simple little message that I would like to send
A picture with a meaning I have put up with a rhyme
Birds and Trees and even Art have featured at some time
So whilst I’ve loved creating verse, of subjects that I love
We’ve let the wildflower gardens grow as the sun shines from above

Am I falling out with football, a game I used to love
Where as a lad I’d climb the stands to watch it from above.
To see lads that I grew up with go from strength to strength
To follow local football we’d go to any length.

What’s happening now is sad to see, to me it’s such a shame
So big up to the Non-League lads who love to play the game.
Week in week out their love is clear, playing as a team
To get a chance to move on up will always be the dream.

Volunteers and helpers are the salt of every club
With the fans relentless banter pouring from the pub.
My thoughts are we should get back to the passion we all know
So keep it local, watch your team, and watch the grass roots grow!

Surviving Anderson Shelter

Tales to tell throughout my years, air raid shelter lots of tears
Covered in earth, covered in rust, on an allotment I’m a must
Look at me now, the history I’ve had
Passers by just look so sad
Save me now from this neglect
I’m Anderson … show respect!

Northern Sole…

I am allowed to publish this as ‘eh up’ I have Northern roots! #iPhoneSketch #digitalart

Reet lad na’ then what’s the matter
I said down South they don’t do batter
Lemon Sole, grilled no fat
T’owd them I’m not ‘aving that
Walked out pal, feeling vexed
Back up North’s where I’m off next
Curry Sauce, loads of Chips
Last time I do Southern trips!

Summer Nights…

Summer nights are on on their way but still you’ll see these glow
Adding colour to the sky they’re shining in a row
Reflecting on the art glass and lighting up the night
It makes our evenings magical to see this wondrous sight

Skip Art…

Since Lockdown One began last year, there’s been builders either side
The sound of drills just penetrates with nowhere we can hide
Looking to be positive and just before we flip
I take a look to see if there are treasures in the skip
With recycling such a buzzword, heard each and every day
I acted quick to see this large board thrown away
In the skip this MDF seemed much to good to me
So I thought I’d do a painting of the classic Slapton Ley
I’d often thought I’d capture this, a view from way up high
And the fact the board is sized so big I could add a stormy sky
Excited by the finished art, its up for all to view
If I go back and check the skip , there’s bound to be a queue… socially distanced of course

Brothers in Arms…

Grey head, brown back, white eye stripe
I can see when people spot you, why there’s always so much hype
The same is true for you my friend, with your jet black body suit
With your yellow legs so striking I can tell your not a Coot
But we love them on the riverside along with all the others
A family of wildlife birds… a wildlife Band of Brothers

White Swan, Black Swan, Heron…

There’s a poem down in Brentford that mentions all the pubs
A joyful celebration of the early social hubs
It’s a mix that we’ve been missing, raising glasses, saying cheers
Soon be off to Thameside Brewery sampling lovely beers
It sits upon the river’s edge with views both up and down
Live Music, Ales and characters will help you lose that frown
White Swan, Black Swan, Heron and a choice of many more
Means heading in for one Pint could end up as Four

Swallows in our Garden…

There are Swallows in our garden so Summer’s on its way
But they’re rusty and not real I hear the doubters say
Well to us they’re pretty perfect and very much alive
Swooping and now swaying ‘til the real ones arrive
We think they’ve got a nest because we often see them fly
But then we hear a little voice … ‘I’d like to see them try’

Can I join you?

Listening to his birdsong, singing loud and proud
He landed right besides us and chirped … is three a crowd
We love this little hero as he lifts our spirits high
He cocks his head, sings his song then heads off to the sky

Grayson’s Art Club…

Are you watching Grayson’s Art Club it’s a lockdown shining light
Wondering what to enter keeps you wide awake at night
Creativity and colour is what you get to see
With inspiration fired for all including me
So out with paints and brushes and craft materials too
And show the world that lockdown brings the artist out in you! 

Hole in the Sky…

There’s a hole in the Sky where the sun peeps through
Surrounded by the grey that piercing shaft of blue
After Winter’s sorry tale of dismal cold and rain
We’ll be looking for the sun to shine and bring some warmth again

In search of beer…

Not sure what I’m doing here
Set off last March in search of beer
Lockdown came and pumps ran dry
Now I’m lost I want to cry
It’s grim my world without my ale
Still lost some weight so not all fail…

Losing my Marbles…

Not really but it made me think the meaning of these words
When I saw this outdoor artwork and I heard the singing birds
This capture though a while ago will still be standing strong
And the birds will still be singing their tuneful little song

Being a Tree

As a structure I stand tall and firm, as an art form I’m supreme
In nature growing everywhere, my beauty can be seen
I’m important to the birds and bees, essential to the air
Protect me now, look after me and show me that you care

The Jackdaw

I’m not a small black crow I’m a Jackdaw taking rest
I hate it when I hear some say they think I am a pest
I nest in chimneys, rocks and trees and you may hear my ‘tchack’
As I call to other Jackdaws near and hear as they call back
Often noticed by my striking head a solid black with grey
You can chase me off a thousand times but I’ll never move away

In search of beer…

Not sure what I’m doing here
Set off last March in search of beer
Lockdown came and pumps ran dry
Now I’m lost I want to cry
It’s grim my world without my ale
Still lost some weight so not all fail

Into the Blue

I love to swim I love to dive
The sea’s the reason I’m alive
Into the blue is where I go
Sometimes fast but often slow
The thrill is what I can’t explain
Though each day I go back again …

Artwork available at https://larkstudios.co.uk/gallery/

These Wings

These wings are wings so soft and light
They keep me safe when I take flight
A sculpture proud as you can see
I’m weightless when I want to be
Then off I’ll rise towards the sky
Just like an angel soaring high
I’ll catch the light then disappear
Remember though I’m always near

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