Sketch a Day!

My April Challenge [to myself in Lockdown] is to sketch a scene each day.

1 April … Today I sketched, later adding a little watercolour, a boatyard on the Thames!

2 April … Happy Easter! Our little Easter Egg tree!

3 April … Orleans Gallery Twickenham

4 April … Captured Baardvark on its way up the Thames past Riverbank.

5 April … He might not be the most beautiful #sketchaday capture but he is our little friendly visitor!

Day 6 … This lovely little Moorhen playing in the reeds!

Day 7 … The Jackdaw! This persistent little guy kept coming back to the same spot.

Day 8 … Still ever so slightly obsessed with that Anderson Shelter!

Day 9 … My quick #sketchoftheday captures the wonderful Daybreak, always a pleasure to see moored up at Church Island on the Thames.

Day 11 … Another quick #sketchoftheday captures everyone’s favourite, Penton Hook Lock. What an absolute pleasure this iconic lock on the Thames.

Day 12 … My watercolour of Swans at Riverbank on the Thames was my inspiration to capture a single Swan using Pen and Watercolour Pencils!

Day 13 … Change of view today as I captured this view across the inner harbour at Brixham. This one is for the lovely Jo & Jason @50flotsam and @lynnepeets for their inspirational posts throughout lockdown. A special #sketchoftheday for my #sketchbook

Published by Keith Tunnicliffe

Linocut Artist

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