Tracks of my Years…

Thoroughly enjoyed searching for a poem to go with my art over the past month [ ] so I’m having a bit of fun with places that have featured in my life [so far] …

1 of 12 … Mist over Pendle [always windy]

No one can tell me,
Nobody knows,
Where the wind comes from,
Where the wind goes.

It’s flying from somewhere
As fast as it can,
I couldn’t keep up with it,
Not if I ran.

But if I stopped holding
The string of my kite,
It would blow with the wind
For a day and a night.

And then when I found it,
Wherever it blew,
I should know that the wind
Had been going there too.

So then I could tell them
Where the wind goes…
But where the wind comes from
Nobody knows.

A A Milne

2 of 12 – MILL TOWN …

I am a product of where I was born
long ago on a cold winter’s morn
my father and mother are part of me,
and their loving faces, I still can see

The sky was often dark and grey,
but that could never stop our play
we’d be outside in rain and snow,
play football, or any game you know

From Where I was Born by Bob Moore

3 of 12 DALESMAN

Ribblehead Viaduct…he’d never seen anything so amazing
For hours he stood transfixed, admiringly gazing
How can a work of civil engineering so add to the panorama?
Functional, yet with unparalleled beauty…pure drama
Starting out from Settle early one morning
To catch the steam train he is boarding
Travelling the track and travelling in time
The golden age of railways, pure sublime

[Dean Fraser]

4 of 12 – PENNINE WAY

A Pennine walk on limestone rock
Where coarse grass clothes the upland hill.
The Herdwicks watch, a woolly flock
That graze above steep sided gill.
Astounding vistas feed the eye
And steal the breath of passers by.

Taken from A Pennine Walk by Keith Hill


I’ve had the Exhibition and had the Black Sheep too
But when I moved to London I wondered what I’d do
West 4 offers choices but then what would it be
Nothing makes the mark as much as Fullers ESB

Three pubs this stretch, the perfect place
Forget awhile the life we race
The river silent as it flows
Once so high it touched our toes
Either end, up or down
Walk Bulls Head to The Bell and Crown

Our favourite place for many years
Shared with friends and often beers
The rattle of the Underground
On metal structure what a sound
Houses that their secrets hold
Some we’ve seen will not be told.

Some fourty years we’ve loved The Strand
Towards Kew Bridge hand in hand
Reflecting on the times we’ve had
Makes us happy never sad
The smile that comes we cannot hide
Must have been that London Pride!

Poem by Keith Tunnicliffe

Day 6 of 12 – CHISWICK EYOT

Twenty bridges from Tower to Kew
Wanted to know what the River knew
For they were young and the Thames was old,
And this is the tale that the river told
I walk my beat before London Town,
Five hours up and seven down.
Up I go till I end my run
At Tide-end-town, which is Teddington.
Down I come with the mud in my hands
And plaster it over the Maplin sands.



This is a place we will always love
The blue sea below and the seagulls above
A Coast walk that brings new colours each day
A stroll on the quay where the grey seals lay
Fisherman’s cottages up each narrow lane
Steps climbing high, are you feeling the pain
A part of our hearts for many a year
There’s no better place to bring you some cheer!
Boats that are bobbing along in the bay
Sparkling and shining at the start of each day
Crews heading off as they power to sea
These views are so special to all, not just me.

Don’t you just love Brixham – My Words


This little Cotswold jewel has a beauty to behold
Mustard coloured Cotswold stone in sunshine turns to gold
Often in this village we would sit and pause a while
Taking in the lovely views would make our faces smile
The stone so warm the stream so cool the wildlife such a pleasure
Bibury just has to be, a place that we will treasure…

My words


Standing firm in Middlesex we look around in pride
This lock, it’s weirs, it’s island has stories it can’t hide
For many years our children have crossed the gates and now their children too
With tales to tell and memories like many families do
We’ve walked the towpath many times, so much so we feel
We have our own imprinted marks set hard by toe and heel
To see the Swans swim regently and watch the cormorants dive
The wildlife in this special place makes you glad to be alive
The mighty Thames is special as it flows towards the sea
And it’s hard to put in words today just what it means to me…


I could have chosen lots of views to mark this town today
The Riverside, Bridge, Lagonda Works all would have their say
I doubt that there are many who would choose against the Swan
It stands out proudly every day and has to be the one.
The Swan sits proudly on the crest and on the river too
Loved by Dyers, Vintners and The Queen to name a few
Twixt Hampton Court and Windsor, Magna Carta just upstream
History back past Roman times there’s so much here to gleam
So the Swan enjoys its pride of place, a feature of the town
To us it’s just a joy to watch it gliding up and down

My Words

Day 11 – BRIXHAM

It’s not Dartmouth, Salcombe, Padstow or San Francisco Bay
But a perfect little fishing port where I would be today
Bustling when it needs to be with such a lot to see
Cafes, Pubs and Restaurants sit proudly on the Quay
Local Artists and Musicians add a flavour to the scene
With Fish that’s landed daily is the freshest ever seen
A walk across the Coastal Path, views amazing to the eye
Wildlife, Dolphins, Seals and birds perform from Sea to Sky
It’s the Fishing Boats that take my breath, the danger that they face
As they come back home to Brixham met with a smiling face…

My Words

Published by Keith Tunnicliffe

Linocut Artist

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