AUGUST- unframed

The UK provides a huge source of inspiration for artists, with dramatic coasts and amazing countryside. My August initiative looks to capture this for you.

Each day throughout August I am offering via my website Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, an Original Artwork, unframed and Post Free, for just £95. [Available framed 500×500]

If you are interested in any of the featured works, please contact me via the CONTACT Page on my website [ ] quoting the daily Reference and the sale will be made on a first come, first served basis.

HERON – Original Linocut [Ref AUG12] 300×300 £95 Post Free
GATESHEAD MILLENNIUM BRIDGE – Original Linocut [Ref AUG11] 300×300 £95 Post Free
OPEN WATER SWIMMER – Original Linocut [Ref AUG10] 300×300 £95 Post Free
DUNGENESS – Original Linocut [Ref AUG9] 300×300 £95 Post Free
WHITE SWANS – Original Linocut [Ref AUG8] 300×300 £95 Post Free
INNER HARBOUR – Original Linocut [Ref AUG7] 300×300 £95 Post Free
SWALLOWS – Original Linocut 300×300 [Ref AUG 6] £95
BRIXHAM Breakwater – Original Linocut 300×300 [Ref AUG 5] £95
BALTIC GATESHEAD – Original Linocut 300×300 [Ref AUG 4] £95
RESCUED – Original Linocut Unframed [Ref AUG 2] 300 x 300 – £95
UNDER THE PIER – Original Linocut [Ref AUG1] £95 Post Free

Published by Keith Tunnicliffe

Linocut Artist

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