Berry Head

My latest Brixham feature in watercolours is this view from Berry Head over the headlands towards Sharpham. Have to say this is one of my favourite views.

300×400 [Framed 450×550] Priced at £125 +£15 Post/Pack.

Thank you all for the lovely comments and a special thank you to the lovely folks who have bought my featured works. #StaySafe

Published by Keith Tunnicliffe

Linocut Artist

7 thoughts on “Berry Head

  1. Hi Keith,

    I live in Brixham and would like to buy this beautiful painting if still available.

    My phone number is 07841027228

    Thank you. Sue Rose


    1. Hi Sue … thank you and yes it is available. Lots of interest but your message came in first this morning. Am not in Brixham currently so will have to post, are you ok with that? If so I will forward payment details and then confirm postage date etc. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you by return. Stay safe. Keith


  2. Hi Keith,

    Thank you for sending the painting by guaranteed delivery last Friday. Unfortunately I wasn’t in to take receipt of it and I arranged re delivery for today. Sadly today it didn’t arrive so hopefully it will tomorrow. The parcel reference number isn’t identified by the tracking system so I’m not sure whats caused the delay.

    I just wanted to let you know in case you’re wondering why I haven’t been in touch to thank you.

    I’m very excited to receive the painting and I will confirm delivery with you.

    Best wishes Sue Rose


  3. Hi Keith,

    The delivery office didn’t want to part with such a lovely painting, but I took it off their hands this morning!

    I want to say thank you for the birthday message, very kind…and thank you for painting this picture. I absolutely love it!

    Take care and best wishes Sue Rose


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