Landscape Artist of the Year …

One year on!

Checking out my linocut entry last year!

So excited as I arrive at just before 7am for the competition to begin in earnest.

A great welcome from everyone involved in the filming and a chance to meet my wonderful fellow competitors. I race out to capture the bridge in the background as it tilts to let through a passing vessel. This is a sight to behold as the Millenium Bridge rises to the sky and it is that moment that changes my day and the thoughts I had ahead of the challenge.

I loved chatting over breakfast with my fellow artists and I listened intently as they discussed their thoughts on the day. With 5 professional artists in the pods today I decided I would create a semi-abstract/contemporary artwork, fuelled by the dramatic shape opposite and the wonderful Baltic Contemporary Art building in the background.

We start by filming our ‘walk on’ as we are led to our pods to unpack our materials. The day actually passes as pretty much a blur as I have my head down carving the artwork and not paying much attention to what is going on around me. At one point I looked up and saw two cameras in front of me and one behind plus the time-lapse in the pod itself. It’s a good job I don’t scare easily.

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